The Beginning

Our Timeline

By Oliver Mandt-Rauch

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  • Mar. 3 2012

    Humble Beginnings

    Ralf, a serial entrepreneur always eager to explore emerging industries, registers for his first medical recommendation and decides to visit a collective. Upon arrival, he is surprised by several things (as many first time patients are).

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    The relatively heavy security, wide array of products, and primitive check-in system were all lingering thoughts in his mind as he left the establishment contemplating the opportunities presented.

  • Mar. 15 2012

    The Light Bulb

    Ralf returns to his newfound dispensary, where he meets the owner Christian Klump, a jovial fellow, who as a cancer survivor had obtained a new lease on life.

    When Ralf brought up the unreliable check-in system, Christian didn't hold back his frustration. Since their system at the time used the same database that Ralf liked to program in, this gave him the idea to make Christian a new system prototype. So, Christian wrote down his five most important changes and gave him a clone of the database, and Ralf went right to work.

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  • Mar. 18 2012

    The First Step

    Sure enough, 3 days later Ralf returns with a prototype of his check-in system designed to run on an iPad. Christian is deeply impressed.

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    Ralf makes Christian an offer he can't refuse. Provide the 420 Collective as a live beta site and if both are happy with the resulting solution then on 4/20 lets launch a new company to be called Next RX.

  • Mar. 24 2012

    The CollectivePass

    Pretty soon the team realized that swiping driver's licenses wasn't ideal. People don't take care of the magnetic strips, and that reflects on the data entry. Because of that, they came up with the idea to issue individual CollectivePasses with QR Codes. 10 second check-in was all of a sudden a very tangible reality.

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  • Apr. 20 2012

    It's 4/20 - We're off

    A prototype was ready and functional, the team was in place, and it was 4/20 … the only thing left to do was start the company

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    … and that's exactly what they did.

  • Jun. 12 2012

    Product Developments

    As product refinement occurred, one can slowly see the development approaching the current model.

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  • Jul. 1 2012

    Aaaand ... We're Live!

    This was a huge step, as the RX-Pass could now be monitored to see how it works, and more importantly, how it doesn't work.

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  • Sep. 21 2012

    NextRX's Kryptonite: Timing

    NextRX tried to gain traction on KickStarter, a major crowd funding platform, however due to their listing guidelines, the submission wasn't allowed. The system, although functioning, needed to be scaled to generate revenue, and that requires a significant infusion of capital.

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    But, it was 2012, the Green Rush barely existed, and many investors simply weren't ready to take a risk on such a controversial industry, so there weren't many alternatives other than to continue development while bootstrapping the operation.

  • 2013

    RX-VeriPass and Kiosk

    The system continues to develop with the addition of the RX-Pass Kiosk and the introduction of the RX-VeriPass - the first foldable ID with recommendation designed to fit into the patient's wallet.

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  • 2014

    RX-Pass Mobile Goes Live

    The RX-Pass Mobile app goes live to allow patients to find physicians and dispensaries from the convenience of your iPhone or iPad.

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    Now patients can browse the entire product selection of subscribing dispensaries. While the industry is expanding rapidly Los Angeles is going through a contraction after the implementation of Prop D which forces the 420 Collective to close and the first Next RX right with it.

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    The vision however lives on and gets a new lease on life in 2015 with a new team and concept -
    The Rewarding Membership Network.

    ( The story continues with The Pivot)